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Easy to use aeroponics, for beginners, professionals, and everyone in-between

Based on the industry leading AquaFarm, the AeroFarm offers easy, substrate free hydroponic growing on small to medium scales.

With the same easy access 45L reservoir as the AquaFarm®, the AeroFarm® offers many similar benefits, but thanks to the use of sprayers and net pots to hold your plants the AeroFarm® needs no substrate beyond a few recycled clay pebbles.

AeroFarms® can grow from 1 to 5 plants, and are available in 2” and 3”pot sizes, they are all:

  • Roto-molded in France from super tough and durable recycled plastic.
  • UV and light shielded for root protection.
  • Versatile, adaptable and reliable.

If you already own an AquaFarm® and want to try substrate free growing, a conversion kit is also available.

* Lifetime Guarantee is for reasonable use only and applies to moulded plastic systems made in France by GHE, and excluding ancillary components, motors etc

How to use:

Follow included instructions to set up system, add nutrient solution, washed clay pebbles, install plants from a hydroponic propagator, and grow!

Technical information:

  Size (cm): L x W x H Effective capacity (Litre)
AeroFarm 46 x 46 x 38,5 45

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