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Coco Fiber & Coco Fiber with perlite

Coco Fiber & Coco Fiber with perlite

100% natural, superior quality coconut coir substrates

High quality, ultra-clean substrates from a totally renewable organic source: the ease of soil growing with added performance.

The Coco Fiber range is derived from premium quality coconut coir processed to give you one of the cleanest, lightest, best performing coco coir substrates on the market today - safe to use straight from the bag with no rinsing needed.

Guaranteed pathogen, weed and pest free, Coco Fiber is available in three formats:

  • Coco Fiber - 100% pure coconut coir.
  • Coco Fiber with perlite - 75/25 coco/perlite mix.

The optimised drainage and root zone oxygenation offered by Coco Fiber with perlite is ideal for use in the GHE Ebb&Grow system, self-watering pots and dripper systems, and all Coco Fiber product can be used as soil replacement in traditional hand watering contexts.

Coco Fiber coir can be reused up to 3 times if needed, and makes a superb garden and agricultural soil improver, especially in clay soils.

How to use Coco Fiber:

Use as you would soil, but remember to add nutrients every watering as Coco Fiber is a neutral substrate.

Use Coco Fiber with

  • All pot based systems, in hydroponics and outdoor gardening.
  • GHE DualPart® Coco nutrients for superior performance in all Coco, with no need for CalMag or PKs
  • General Organics additives including Seaweed® as a pre-flowering activator.
  • GHE beneficials, BM® and Trikologic S add protection and root health to any coco grow.

Coco Fiber available in:

· 50 L bags.

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