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Compact aeroponic propagator

The best choice for small projects and a key instrument for plant collectors.

Like the RainForest72®, the CuttingBoard is an ideal system to get a vigorous and healthy root mass, that will easily adapt to the different environments into which they will be transplanted, be it in hydroponics or in soil. It is a key system for small projects and a practical instrument for all.

* Lifetime Guarantee is for reasonable use only and applies to moulded plastic systems made in France by GHE, and excluding ancillary components, motors etc

How to use:

Follow included instructions to set up system, add nutrient solution, install cuttings directly into clay pebbles in the net pots, and grow!

Technical information:

  Size (cm): L x W x H Effective capacity (Litre)
CuttingBoard 66 x 30 x 14 13

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