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NOVAMAX® (FloraNova®)

NOVAMAX® (FloraNova®)

Super concentrated 1-part hybrid liquid nutrient for hydroponics, coco and soil

The most highly concentrated true 1-part liquid nutrient on the market

FloraNova® represents a breakthrough in fertilizer technology giving users the strength of a dry concentrate and the ease of a liquid, in a TRUE 1-part formulation: one bottle for Growth, one bottle for Bloom -  no need for extra CalMag / PK / Trace element additives to ensure healthy growth.

Our unique formulation of highly purified minerals and natural additives including humic extracts, is concentrated using patented technology: a very small amount of FloraNova® goes a very long way and works well with any plant type.

How to use FloraNova?

  • Shake vigorously before each use and mix well with water.
  • GHE FLORANOVA® is very concentrated: a maximum of just 2.5ml/L in water is required. See the main GHE FloraNova® feed chart here.

Use FloraNova with:

  • Works with all plants and substrates, in hydroponics, soil and outdoor gardening.
  • After nutrients, the biggest boost advantage can give any grow is using a high quality Fulvic acid: GHE Diamond Nectar® is the best.
  • GHE BM® brings beneficial microbial life to your rootzone, Trikologic S adds increased protection and added performance, especially in high temperatures. Both work exceptionally well with FloraNova’s hybrid organic technology. 
  • General Organics additives: The General Organics range includes high quality Organic additives to fine tune and enhance your grow.
  • FlashClean®: Not just for lock-out problems and end of harvest; FlashClean® rejuvenates old substrate and tired soil both of which can be difficult to handle with fruiting plants that can’t be repotted, and can give mother plants a new lease of life.
  • During the last 10 days, use FinalPart® for increased flower production

Available in:

473 ml • 946 ml • 3.79 L

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