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New, simpler, more meaningful names

After the organic line, which transitioned to the new brand Terra Aquatica® in March 2019, GHE’s fertilizers and mineral additives will be available starting in January 2020 with new labels featuring the T.A. emblem as well as new names that more clearly evoke their uses.

This is an important step in the transition that GHE has been working on for several months.


Exclusive announcement: Flora-Series®, the brand’s bestseller since its creation in 1995, will now be called T.A. TriPart nutrient® (Grow/Micro/Bloom), a clearer name for this professional-quality and tripartite fertilizer.


It goes without saying that the formulas as well as the product sources will remain the same. To facilitate this transition, the new labels, which are very similar visually to the previous versions, will also feature the old product name and the official GHE® signature.

The names of the other products will be announced in the coming weeks.


To find out more about the reasons behind the GHE®/T.A.® transition and to stay on top of the latest news, visit www.TerraAquatica.com and/or the brand’s Facebook and Instagram accounts.